Our Services

Supplier Onboarding

Collecting data from supplier is not an easy task and requires a lot of resources. Our expert team supports you. We onboard you supplier and sub-supplier and collect the required information from them. This way you can focus on analyzing your supply chain.



Chain of custody

For relevant materials, a certificate from the direct supplier is not enough. Scandals have affected almost any certificate during the last years. With sustainabill, companies can trace a material throughout the supply chain to its source. Companies can easily ask their suppliers to validate the chain of custody knowing what’s going in the supply chain.



Material and cost efficiency

Many companies lack the data that could help make the production processes in their supply chain more efficient. sustainabill visualizes material and energy use at supplier and product level so you can improve efficiency, achieve environmental benefits and decrease production costs.


Human rights

Human rights challenges such as poor working conditions, child labor and low wages are often not visible in the supply chain. With sustainabill, you can identify actors in your supply chain, including producers and service providers, and assess the risk of human rights violations.



Contribution to SDGs

Many of the SDGs (UN Sustainable Development Goals) make it necessary to consider the entire supply chain. With sustainabill, companies can measure and monitor specific footprints for materials, carbon, water, and land use as well as social impacts for the entire supply chain.



Critical Raw Materials

Companies are increasingly under pressure to know where their critical raw materials come from and how they are extracted or grown. Critical raw materials can be minerals but also palm oil, chocolate or cotton. With sustainabill, companies can map their supply chain to find out where raw materials come from and how much they are used in their products.